Oryx chassis – MDT launches a new low-cost chassis and brand

“A complete bolt action rifle chassis system for under 400 bucks. Includes chassis, buttstock and grip.”

That’s a great way of describing the new chassis and new brand of Modular Driven Technologies – MDT.

As MDT is a Canadian company, let’s be a bit more specific on the price, that is 399 US Dollars not Canadian.

The Oryx chassi is made for bolt-action rifles (see list below) as a one-piece integrated aluminum chassis and buttstock. Your barrel will be free-floating after the installation, for improved accuracy.

With ever increasing prices for a lot of chassis and brands, it’s great to see options for the lower-end market grow as well.

MDT have made the Oryx chassis easy to install. Their claim is that it is done in less than 10 minutes. A friend of mine recently installed a more advanced MDT chassis on his Tikka, and he said it was super-simple so the claim is most likely true.

Three Steps To Accuracy.

Super simple installation. ORYX chassis system replaces your current factory rifle stock. No gunsmithing required.

Remove your rifle action from the wobbly manufacturer stock. Drop your action into your new ORYX chassis system.


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog