Off-Grid Solar Survival: Top 5 Things To Consider Before Diving In

Utilize solar power and know what it takes for off-grid solar survival to provide electricity in your home!

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What Is Your “Payback Period”? Am I in a Location That’s Viable for Solar? Are You Self-Installing or Hiring an Installer? Is the Amount of Electricity You Use Compatible with the Amount of Solar System You Can Afford? Do You Have Space for All This Stuff?! Off-Grid Solar Survival: Important Things to Keep in Mind This article was originally posted by and is shared with full permission

If you’re considering going off-grid with solar and a battery bank, you’re probably wading through a jungle of questions and research. To decide if off-grid solar survival is right for you, let’s set the ultra-technical aspects aside (mostly) for a moment, and work through the top 5 questions to ask yourself before diving in, getting off-grid, and soaking up the rays!

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1. What Is Your “Payback Period”?

“Payback period” is a phrase that’s


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