NEW Tanker WWII Thompson Gun from Auto Ordnance Corporation

Auto Ordnance Corporation has a new rifle for all of us through their growing line of WWII Commemorative Guns with the Tanker WWII Thompson. This model boasts many of the same features we have come to know from a Thompson rifle chambered in .45 ACP, but the aesthetic is meant to evoke the nostalgia of World War II. Featuring a cloth sling and mag carrier pouch as well as embellishments on the walnut stock and metalwork, this rifle definitely taps into the style from that era.

Auto Ordnance Corporation provides this informative and historical statement surrounding not only the Tanker WWII Thompson, but all Thompson guns:

‘Built like a tank’ is a phrase that has entered the American lexicon as a means to describe hardware that is durable, strong, and nearly indestructible. The term may have originated in describing armored fighting vehicles, but it also clearly describes the Tommy Gun. It is only fitting then that Auto-Ordnance continue the series of WWII commemorative guns with the ‘Tanker Thompson,’ dedicated to the memory of the brave American soldiers who faced the enemy in steel chariots like the M4 Sherman Tank. Nearly 50,000 Shermans were produced during World War II,


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog