New Report & Testing Confirms SIG Sauer’s Modular Handgun System is Reliable

The US Army selected SIG Sauer’s Modular Handgun System entry back in 2017 and since then the full-size sidearm has begun to reach active units. Some controversy regarding reliability initially surrounded the XM17 but a recent report from the Director of Operation Testing and Evaluation confirms these issues have now been addressed.

The recently published annual report from the Director of Operation Testing and Evaluation (DOT&E) Annual Report confirms the M17 and M18’s reliability performance. The report notes that “the MHS experienced a large number of stoppages in early developmental testing with ball ammunition”, however, it seems this issue has now been addressed by a team of both government and SIG Sauer personnel. To ensure reliable feeding with both the Army’s new 147 grain XM1153 jacketed hollow point round and 115 grain XM1152 ball ammunition a number of changes were made to the magazine spring, magazine follower, slide geometry, and some of the pistol’s internal components. The report concludes that “the XM17 and the XM18 are operationally effective and operationally suitable with jacketed hollow point ammunition.

Examining the data provided in the DOT&E report it appears that both pistols have improved function with both types of ammunition but that the XM18 is now superior to the XM17 in


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog