New ComTac VI NIB Tactical headset from 3M PELTOR

Hearing protection can be so much more than protecting the hearing. Some use a simple foam for their ear canals and it fits their needs, but some users have increased needs.

With the right technology you can combine hearing protection with communication, and the 6:th generation of the 3M PELTOR ComTac™ VI NIB Headset does just that.

The NIB feature enables natural face to face communication, without the use of an external communication radio.

According to 3M Peltor you just approach the person you wish to talk to and the NIB headsets will connect, allowing for close range communication.

I remember Sony Ericsson had a similar function on some of their “heavy duty” mobile phones, which could also be used as a local Walkie-Talkie outside the normal network.

I’d love to try this function to see how it works, seems a great idea for any LE/MIL Team, boat, tank, rally car etc. but also for construction workers.

From 3M Peltor’s Press Release: New ComTac™ VI NIB Tactical headset from the 3M PELTOR brand

ComTac 1st generation headset was a result of a project to help prevent hearing damage and at the same time use communication to help enhance


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog