NEW AR-10 Cartridge: .475 Bishop Short Magnum

At the SHOT Show 2019, Bishop Ammunition & Firearms has introduced a new AR-10/short action cartridge called .475 Bishop Short Magnum. The company claims that this new cartridge is currently the most powerful chambering for the AR-10 platform.

The .475 BSM utilizes a proprietary case made by Robertson Cartridge Company. The cartridge has a rebated rim of .473 diameter which makes it possible to use standard AR-10 bolts. It fits single stack in modified AR-10 magazines.

The .475 Bishop Short Magnum cartridge operates at 65,000 psi pressure making it possible to launch the 390 grain .475 caliber projectile at a muzzle velocity of 2,500 fps. The solid copper hollow point bullets are specially made for Bishop Ammunition & Firearms by Cutting Edge Bullets. The .475 Bishop Short Magnum ammunition will be available at an MSRP of $189 per a box of 20 rounds.

The company has also brought to the SHOT Show a bolt action and AR-10 pattern rifles chambered in this caliber.

475SAFARI. Bolt-action rifle chambered in .475 Bishop Short Magnum

The AR-10 rifle is called AR475GAR. Guess what GAR stands for – Godzilla Auto Rifle! It will be available for purchase at an


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog