Nazi Minister’s Pistol Found in Attic Goes on Display in Netherlands

The Netherlands’ National Military Museum has unveiled a new display including the pistol carried by Adolf Hitler’s right hand man in the Netherlands during World War Two.

The pistol was owned by Arthur Seyss-Inquart, an Austrian Nazi politician who was appointed as Reichskommissar of the Netherlands by Hitler in late May 1940. He directed the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands for nearly 5 years until he was arrested by British and Canadian troops in Hamburg as he tried to flee across Germany on the 7th May, the day the war in Europe ended.

Arthur Seyss-Inquart’s Sauer 38H alongside two of his uniforms (NMM)

Seyss-Inquart’s pistol is an Sauer 38H, chambered in .32 ACP (7.65×17mmSR Browning). The 38H was a popular pocket pistol produced by J. P. Sauer & Sohn and extensively used as a side arm by Nazi officers and officials. The pistol discovered in Seyss-Inquart’s back pocket during a search and was kept as a souvenir by a Dutch interpreter who was with the allied troops who arrested the former Reichskommissar. The interpreter kept the pistol for decades, stored in a cupboard in his attic, until his death when his family rediscovered it and decided to gift it to a museum.



Originally posted on The Firearm Blog