Motion Light Location You Might Not Have Thought Of…

The best places to put outdoor motion lights. Is this topic even worth writing about? Yes! Why? Because home security is important. It begins at the perimeter.

Motion lights are put up outdoors for two reasons. Convenience and Security.

Outdoor Motion Light Locations

First I want to address this issue:

The Best Height For Motion Lights

How high up should you mount a motion light?

It may seem somewhat irrelevant. You may be restricted to the existing design parameters of your home and the accessibility to install the electrics. However height does make a difference for a motion light.

For most outdoor motion lights, the optimum height is between 6 and 10 feet off the ground. If you’re looking for maximum detection distance, mount it 8 – 10 feet up. If you go much higher, you will start to lose distance.

The RAB Stealth (being the best) will reach 60 feet. Their technical specs indicate optimum height of 10 feet for that:

Before I suggest motion light locations that you might not have thought of,

Most Are Above The Garage

The #1 motion light location where you’ll see them mounted is above the


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