Mossberg’s First Pistol – The 1919 Brownie

Recently Mossberg, one of America’s oldest gun companies best known for their shotguns, launched their first pistol – the Mossberg MC1. Well not quite their first, 100 years ago this year, the company launched another small, compact pistol – the Mossberg Brownie.

Mossberg’s First Pistol, the Brownie – a very early example (RIA)

Tom briefly mentioned the original Mossberg pistol in his review of the MC1, so I thought it was worth taking a more detailed look at the Brownie. The Brownie is one of a number of pistols designed by Mossberg’s founder, Oscar Mossberg. He patented the genesis of the Brownie in 1905, and licensed the design out to the Shattuck Company. Shattuck produced the small 4-barrelled palm pistol as the ‘Unique’ from 1905 until 1915.

Oscar F. Mossberg’s patent for the ‘Unique’ (US Patent) & a .32 Shattuck ‘Unique’ (RIA)

After the First World War, Oscar and his sons Harold and Iver set up their company. Their first product was not as you might expect a shotgun, instead it was a small .22 calibre derringer-style pocket pistol, the Brownie. The Brownie evolved from Oscar’s earlier pocket pistol design, he patented the new pistol in August 1919, launching


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