Midwest Farming After The Floods:FEMA Is Worthless”

The flooding facing the Midwest this year is the worst we’ve seen in years and it’s not over yet. Meteorologists are saying that the flooding will continue until the end of May and will probably spread far beyond its current boundaries. A large part of the nation’s “bread basket” will be untellable this year, causing food prices to rise and many farmers to go bankrupt.

This flooding, like most flooding, came about due to an aberration in the weather. Heavy spring rainfall, falling on a heavy winter snow accumulation, has caused rivers to overflow their banks. Levees, which had been built as protection from such an event, turned out to be inadequate to the task, as the rivers rose more than 10 feet in some places. These high waters overflowed the levees, causing them to rupture.

Many farmers were faced with the equivalent to a flash flood, as walls of water swept across their lands, making it impossible to do anything to protect their crops, stored harvests and livestock. In some cases, grain silos were ruptured and in many others animals were drowned.

But that’s not all. Unlike other floods, this one is staying around. Countless farmers are sitting on their


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper