Mealworm Farm

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Image Credit: velacreations.comIf you want those incredible eggs with the dark orange yolks, a meal worm farm will make that possible. The meal worm is a little segmented larvae with a creepy set of little legs up near its head. This worm is a great food source

for chickens. Growing up we also used meal worms and bobbers to catch tons of fish! If you have a water source near or around your home you can use this mealworm farm to fill up on bait and head down to the water. Hook them right through that patch of legs.

This article has a great step by step look at creating your own meal worm farm. This farm is essentially a tall shelf that will have to remain dry. It will produce something called the darkling beetle which is the final phase of the mealworm. You don’t want those guys flying around the home.

Mealworm Farm


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