MDT introduces the Adjustable Core Competition Chassis

Owners of the Remington 700 SA now have another option from MDT.

The MDT ACC (Adjustable Core Competition) is a competition focused chassis developed for shooters who want to adjust their setup for complete control over balance and recoil reduction. The target group is specifically competitors in the PRS & NRL (Precision Rifle Series and National Rifle League) style of shooting.

The ACC chassis comes with a fully customizable steel weight  system integrated in the butt-stock, barrel channel and forend.

Below: I like vertical-styled grips, so the MDT Vertical Grip looks very tempting.

This gives the competitor the possibility to perfectly balance the rifle and reduce recoil. You can see the steel inserts below, and in this link to MDT. In my opinion this is a solution where function comes over form, which I personally have nothing against.

You can see the MDT interior weights described here.

The ACC (Adjustable Core Competition) Chassis is designed around an integrated, modular weight system which allows you to customize the balance and mass of your rifle to maximize performance and minimize recoil.

The ACC comes with a Skelton Rifle Stock with a steel butt pad plate for added weight


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog