Mastering Regional Disaster Preparedness

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There are all sorts of threats that exist outside of our control. In fact, when you sit down to consider it all it can be very overwhelming.

The idea of creating a threat matrix can be very helpful but it can also be terrifying. Once you know the landscape and the threats therein, you have to act.

So the same old question comes to fruition: Where on earth do we start?

Its very simple when you sit down and consider it. Before you worry about the rare explosion from the sun that will shut the lights out or the piercing division in the country finally bubbling over to an all out anarchist war, you should think about what happens each year.

Regional Disaster

No matter where you call home you are dealing with some things that happen each year to inconvenience your way of life. If your on the coast it might be hurricanes. If you are inland it might be earthquakes or tornadoes or


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