Make Great SHTF Bread with a Homemade Starter

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Bread has fed the human race for millennia. Whether leavened or not bread has been a staple of society as far back as we have been able to create flour. However crude those first breads were, they were hot off stone and must have been a gift in the harsh world.

Storing flour and growing grain are two great practices if you are preparing for a self reliance lifestyle. Making bread is not that tough. It takes some muscle to knead the dough but beyond that its a game of patience.

How does bread rise to become the crusty and fluff wonder that we all enjoy? Well, it needs something called yeast. Now, yeast comes in packets at the store and is often called Active Dry Yeast. For many, using yeast is simple but once they are out it means no more bread, right?

What if I told you that yeast was naturally occurring and in the air all around you?

Its the truth. You


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