Mail Call

I have to say that getting the mail, the old fashion snail-mail at The Prepper Journal is always interesting. Needless to say I receive some interesting things and thought I would share some of the more recent ones.

A ZipLine That Rides YOU 

The ZipStick device from ZipLine Medical showed up recently in the mail. I am glad to admit that I have not found the occasion (or a willing volunteer) to test one under actual conditions. This is a direct-to-consumers product available without a prescription and the sample pack I received was very complete, including three of the ZipStich devices.

As a field dressing it certainly looks like a step up for longer term wound care when there are no medical services readily available. Their hydrocolloid adhesive is specifically formulated for about 2-weeks wear, assuming it is applied to dry clean skin, making it ideal for an off-the grid application, whether on an extended hunting/fishing/camping trip or in a SHTF situation. It is also good for a cut when slicing food, doing projects with tools/small power tools, an injury at a kids soccer game, a minor car accident, and on and on. You can bet these


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