Lightning Strike Risk & Safety | Facts | Tips | Dangers

Lightning fatalities are highest among those who are fishing, boating, camping, and on the beach. That’s even higher than lightning fatality statistics of golfers (source: NWS statistics).

Many lightning victims were seeking shelter when they were struck because they waited too long before seeking safety.

Many believe that they are safe from a lightning strike because the thunderstorm is not yet overhead.

The thing is, when you hear thunder, even a distant rumble, you are already within striking distance of a potentially deadly lightning bolt – even a bolt from the blue.

Under good listening conditions, you can hear thunder from a distance of about 10 miles. That’s the approximate distance that lightning can strike outward from a thunderstorm!

Unfortunately most people don’t seek shelter until the first lightning strike is closely upon them. They don’t realize they could be struck even though the thunderstorm is thought to be far enough away.

Threat of Death by Lightning Strike

Risk of death by lightning is HIGHEST when thunderstorms are NOT YET OVERHEAD.

It begins at a distance of about 10 miles away and peaks just prior to (and during) the thunderstorm initial approach.

The second peak of death-by-lightning


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