Liberty Suppressors WHITETAIL Rifle

Introduced a little over a month ago, the Whitetail rifle is quite an interesting new Liberty Suppressors product for hunters. It is basically a shortened and suppressed Ruger American Rifle chambered in 6.5mm Creedmoor. The company advertises this weapon as an integrally suppressed rifle.

Here is how the company describes the Whitetail rifle (quoted from the rifle’s specs sheet):

Description: This suppressor is specifically engineered for the hunter in mind. We wanted to build a silencer system that was convenient to use, but also accurate as well as quiet. Built on the proven Ruger bolt action rifle system, this combination provides an accurate, reliable and now quiet option for the hunter to choose. We chose the 6.5mm rifle round for its inherent accuracy and reliability, this combination has proven to be a perfect match to our silencer module. Designed to keep the system light and maneuverable, we built the suppressor module to be only 2” longer than the original un-suppressed system. The design also has been developed to basically weight the exact same as the unmodified rifle. You won’t even notice the silencer is there, until you need it…

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As you can see, Liberty


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog