Lessons from History – Victory Garden Advice That Applies To Everything

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Looking back at past history, recent and far removed, can help prepare us in all parts of life. In some cases, early conventional wisdom’s stand the test of time. Others prevent us from repeating mistakes of the past.

I’m looking at the wartime Victory Garden programs here, but not at food production. An awful lot of the advice applies across the board, both in daily life and as preppers, and definitely should we find ourselves in times of hardship, personal or widespread.

Succession Cropping for Success

Succession Cropping wasn’t new for WWI and WWII, but it was – and is – one of those things that gets a little less focus. It’s when you plan for staggered harvests and have fast-growing seed or transplants ready to plug into rows or beds as soon as something else comes out.

(In the growing world, it’s given


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