Leave Only Footprints; Take Only Pictures and Memories: No Trace Camping

One of the great testaments to man’s freedom and America itself is the vast national park system. We have created a system of parks that are unique and protected from disruption. That is until people roll in and start scorching the earth. Just kidding. For the most part people are great stewards of our land and its because of the no trace camping method. This is an article all about how to excel at camping

without leaving a trace.

While you might not understand why this would be important to preppers, well, there are many reasons. The most important of all is, if you are on a bugout or if you are trekking through a collapsed landscape leaving a trace of your campsite could mean getting followed or killed. Becoming a master of camping without leaving a trace is critical.

Leave only


Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness