Knight’s Armament Awarded $16.5 Million Contract for M110s

The US Army’s Contracting Command has awarded Knight’s Armament Company a contract for more 7.62x51mm M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper Systems (SASS). Over 10 years on since it was first adopted and nearly five years since the Army began its programme to replace it with a lighter, more compact rifle the Army has placed further orders for an undisclosed number of M110 SASS.

The $16,550,140 contract comes as the new M110A1, based on Heckler & Koch’s G28, is due to begin field testing. The M110A1 Compact Semi-Auto Sniper System (CSASS), according to statements made by the Army in June 2018, is due to undergo production qualification testing and should be approved for limited user testing in the early part of 2019.

Close up of the M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System’s receiver and Leupold 3.5–10×40 optic (US Army/ Thomas Alvarez)

It appears that as the M110A1 CSASS is not yet ready for service a further order for the earlier M110s is needed. It remains unclear if the M110’s original 2007 spec will be used of if product improvements will be included in the newly delivered weapons. This, however, seems unlikely as it may cause logistical complications.

Here’s the Department of Defense’s brief contract announcement,


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog