Knifemaking: Make A Knife From An Old Wrench

This knifemaking challenge will bring out the blacksmith inside you and let you transform an old wrench into a knife!

Knifemaking Skills Using an Old Wrench Knife Forging Supplies

Knifemaking: Make a Knife from an Old Wrench – Survival Life

— (@ASDknife) January 13, 2016

Knifemaking is an ancient art. However, like many other skills, the skill of traditional knife making seems lost in our modern world of convenience. You can include knifemaking in your essential primitive survival skills. Every knife, whether made from ancient Damascus steel or modern carbon steel, comes from a set of tools. A knife maker needs the following materials before making a blade:

an old wrench a grinder blacksmithing forge a hammer sandpaper

Also, don’t forget a knife maker needs protective clothing. You don’t want to burn yourself with sparks from the belt grinder or get bits of steel in your eye. Use goggles, gloves, even breathing protection so your DIY knife making is safe.

Step 1: Choosing the Knife Side of the Wrench

First, choose which end of the wrench you want for the knife blade


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