Killing the Vikings: A Lesson in Community Readiness

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What are the upper limits of a communities ability to prepare for disaster? We can look to history and understand just how important the community aspect of dealing with terrible situations is. We cannot handle all things as a single person. In modern times, though, we just cannot seem to prioritize these community issues. We are very isolated and its a dangerous path to head down. Our isolation is a product of the division in this nation and the division is a product of the isolation.

While community readiness takes a lot of work and its a big struggle, you will be rewarded 10 fold. Still, you are going to reap some incredible benefits. This article offers up the idea of community readiness in a way that adds interest and history to the topic of community readiness. How did the Vikings stop raiding and why.

Killing the Vikings: A Lesson in Community Readiness


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