Keeping up your Car is Prepping

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Hows your driving? How is the vehicle that you drive?

Now, don’t consider your vehicle by the social media standards but of how well it can perform when you need it most. Things like safety tests, durability ratings and simple vehicle preparedness and organization all make a difference when it comes to a car in a survival situation.

Our nation has been so diluted that we are more worried about the color of our car than how it works. Only when you are put under duress will you look at your car as the incredible machine of survival.

Just as important as the vehicle itself is the person behind the wheel. How you care for your vehicle is just as much an important part of having a reliable vehicle for daily life and in times of disaster.

Upkeep of your vehicle is getting harder and harder because of electronics. There was time when you could take your whole car apart and put it back together.


Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness