Keeping Pets from Destroying your Garden

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There is nothing like a good dog. Our pets are everything to us and for good reason. Dogs have been on our side for Millenia. There is a reason they carry the moniker: man’s best friend. All that said, they destroy our things.

They eat the wood in the home, chew the shoes and generally find the things you enjoy most and reduce those things to shreds. We still love them.

They can also destroy a garden in a matter of 20 minutes if left unattended. I am sure many of you have been there. How do we stop that from happening. Lets look at it.


One of the very best ways of keeping pets at bay is to put fencing up. That fencing can do wonders for your garden as it will keep all sizes of pets out of the garden. Even a little dog can wreak havoc on a garden if they are a digger.

Seeding is the most crucial


Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness