James’ Tactical Procrastinator’s Christmas List for Your Armchair Commando

This is all gear that I have used, abused, and loved over the years, and I wanted to share it with you special ladies out there (or dudes) buying a last minute xmas present for your special dude (or lady).  – James


My grandmother used to buy value brand ice cream from the grocery store for the holidays.  And my little brother and I were perfectly content with econo-neopolitan UNTIL we tried the the top shelf shit like Ben & Jerry’s or Blue Bell. It was never the same after Chunky Monkey.

I used to use cheapo LED lights from Amazon. They’d cost $3 each and they’d work well enough. I was happy. Consummate torch aficionado, Nick Chen, would give me an extremely hard time about it, so I finally took the plunge into top shelf gear. Boy, was he right. Flashlights have never been the same since.

I’m kicking off with flashlights. They are all Surefire. There’s really no way to go wrong with this one. Even if your significant other has a decent handheld darkness eliminator at home, it isn’t like he’s going to open up a Surefire light, look at that stealthy, matte finish and the


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