It’s Time We Do A Little Math, The Future Of America Is At Stake

Hello Pack. Sorry my column has been absent, I have been swamped with a book Dan commissioned me to write about portable homesteading and caught a nasty bug my family kept passing around.

I am going to delve into preparedness from a political perspective this week, something you loyal followers often do from an intellectual and patriotic point of view in the comments section. What our public servants (yes, public servants and not ‘our leaders’ – Tucker Carlson you know better than to refer to DC politicians this way!) are doing or not doing in Washington has a drastic impact on the security and economic health of our great republic.

Alright, I have to insert a second pet peeve rant here. The United States of America is a republic and not a democracy. Hearing both the people we send to office and even the few real journalists left on news shows label our form of government incorrectly is maddening. It is no wonder far too many Americans think Hillary Clinton should have won the presidential race if they cannot grasp the difference between a republic and a democracy and understand why, in their infinite wisdom, our Founding Fathers


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog