Is There a Coming Depression and ARE YOU PREPARED?

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Its so hard to get a read on the financial status of the nation moreover the average American. It would seem that ‘we the people’ enjoy spending over and above our budgets just as much as our federal government. That is a problem that many Americans are dealing with today. Nearly half of all Americans have less thant $500 in savings. That is an incredible stat buts one that we can learn a lot from.

Outside of the average American’s situation, what is going on with the stock market, GDP and America’s influence around the world? Who has the time to keep up with all of that. One thing you can rest your hat on is the fact that no nation or civilization can exist in a growth phase forever. We cannot create growth and prosperity forever. Its just not possible because our planet is limited.

What happens when resource wars begin to break out amongst countries who don’t have the pull of superpowers. When


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