Iraqi Straight Pull 12.7x108mm AMR

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units PMU was about to introduce a new 12.7x108mm anti-material rifle before the Iraqi designer Ghazwan Al-Azarah prohibited them from proceeding (since they didn’t get his permission to produce his patent; which is interesting all on its own). He made two variants for his rifles to be chambered with 12.7x108mm and 12.7x99mm (.50 BMG).

Ghazwan is the man behind the PMU local made anti-material rifles which we have seen before (gladly I met him online recently and soon I will publish an article about his designs on TFB).  Thankfully he answered my questions about this rifle; he himself was a member of the PMU.

Trimming the barrel on Lathe machine.

The rifle is built basically on a DShK heavy machine gun barrel –as usual- which passed through honing on a lathe to reduce the external diameter and still attaching the DShK’s flash suppressor, but unlike the majority of improvised AMRs in Iraq and Syria, this rifle has some distinctive features.

Assembling the barrel to receiver, note that the side facing the camera is the bolt’s handle cam, and the milled magazine well gap is on the other side.

The receiver is tubular shaped and


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