Interesting Syrian Rebels’ “DShK” Sniper Rifle

When you hear a combatant in Arab regions saying “Doshka” or “Dishka” it doesn’t necessarily mean the DShK machine gun itself but it refers to anything related with 12.7x108mm, even an OSV-96  AMR is called a Doshka Rifle because it uses the same caliber.

The Sakoor Youth Coordination “Tansiqeyyet Shabab Al-Sakhoor تنسيقية شباب الصاخور” is a youth rebel movement in Aleppo, Syria. What appears here is a group of Syrian university young men involved in battles against Al-Assad’s regime.

The barrel package which includes the bipod, gas tube, removable handle and the barrel itself is already taken from a surplus/dismounted heavy machine gun

The rifle which appears here is a local craft made 12.7x108mm bolt action, the barrel, which the rifle based on, is probably taken from a Russian made Kord HMG or a derivative.  The gas piston/tube is deactivated since it has no use in a bolt action mechanism.

Note the guy loading the magazine and the flipping wooden stock)

The receiver is tubularly shaped and aligned with the barrel, there is also a nice iron sight on the receiver along with the Picatinny rail to mount the scope.

A close view on the bolt and receiver



Originally posted on The Firearm Blog