Inspire Those Around you to Start Prepping

Do you know the one question that always comes up? Do you know the biggest struggle that preppers face outside of money in our little niche?

It’s the struggle of getting those around us to take preparedness and survival as passionately as we do!

Getting Family Inspired

We are inspired people and our passion manifests itself in some weird ways. Unfortunately, that passion doesn’t always translate to those we are closest to. I will come right out and say it, that’s a big problem. Emergency preparedness is a serious part of any American’s life. What’s most terrifying is how easily we ignore the signs.

·         Civil Unrest ·         War ·         School Shootings ·         Financial Disasters ·         Backwoods Emergencies ·         Natural Disasters

These are all things that make headlines. I know we like to bash the mainstream media, but these are all stories that are likely being reported on right now. We get plenty of warning about the potential of these situations and yet many Americans take no action.

So, the question that comes up, invariably, is something along these lines, “How do I get my (wife, kids, husband, Mom, Sister) to start paying attention and taking action?”

Over the last


Originally posted on American Preppers Network