Ingenious Tool Hacks You Never Knew You Could Do

These tool hacks can vastly increase your productivity and efficiency by getting the most out of your everyday tools.

Tool Hacks: New Uses for Old Tools Neat Hacks Using Old Tools

Our tasks can be a lot easier if we have the right tools within our reach. What if the right equipment is not in your toolbox? Below are ingenious DIY tool hacks that can cut down your work time and save your hard-earned money just by using the full potential of your already existing tools.

1. Cut a PVC Pipe Using a String

Cutting mounted PVC pipes can be difficult and tricky if you don’t have the right tools, but with the use of a string, you can easily slice through pipes. The string works as quickly as a saw and fits into tight spaces. All you have to do is cut a shallow notch using a file or hacksaw blade to give it a starting point and then pull the string back and forth until the pipe comes loose.

2. Shine Shoes with a Drill

Polishing your shoes to look new and shiny can take a great deal of your time. To reduce the time you spend making your dull shoes


Originally posted on Survival Life