[Indo Defense 2018] Tanfolgio’s Submachine Gun Close Up

Italian handgun company Tanfolgio had their 9x19mm TCMP submachine gun with them at the Tanfoglio booth during Indo Defense 2018. We reported on the TCMP in 2016 when the company was showing the TCMP at the IWA Show, but since then TFB hasn’t heard too much about the design since then. At Indo Defense we were able to talk through the submachine with the president of the company, Massimo Tanfoglio.

-Miles V, Indo Defense 2018

First things first, the submachine is built using a mixture of aluminum and polymer components with a metal upper receiver and a polymer lower receiver. Some might confuse it for a Tanfoglio handgun that has been turned into a submachine gun, but the design is completely different. Upon breaking open the submachine gun, one finds that the hammer is actually located in the upper receiver, swinging down to strike the firing pin during the cycle of operations. Mr. Tanfoglio claims that this helps direct some of the felt recoil differently than a conventional hammer swinging up design, allowing the submachine to be fired one-handed. Magazines are proprietary to the submachine gun and cannot be interchanged with the handguns.

Safety and fire selector


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog