[Indo Defense 2018] MP5 Clones, 7.62mm Rifles, News from Indonesia’s Pindad

What captivated many visitors to Indo Defense 2018 this year from Pindad was the defense companies Harimau Modern Medium Weight tank that was a product of a joint venture with a Turkish defense company. However when it comes to small arms, Pindad had some new offerings as well, some that we should be seeing within Indonesian military service soon enough.

Starting with Heavy Machine Guns, we have the Pindad license-produced version of the Singaporean Chartered Industries .50 BMG STK-50MG, designated “SM5” by Pindad (formerly known as the Pindad SMB-QCB-Senapan Mesin Berat-Quick Change Barrel). The STK-50MG was designed in response to the Singaporean Armed Forces needing a replacement for the .50 BMG M2 in the 1980s. Some of the more unique features of it include the ability to dual feed two belts of ammunition simultaneously in addition to not requiring a complex headspace and timing procedure before operating the weapon system.

Note that single belt feed shoot set up on the right side of the receiver -Miles V, Indo Defense 2018

The charging handle has to be rotated up before it can be yanked to the rear and charge the machine gun -Miles V, Indo Defense 2018


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog