[Indo Defense 2018] MKE’s Bora-12 Precision Rifle, Orders Taken

The JMK Bora-12 (or JNG-90) isn’t exactly new or groundbreaking as the Turkish state-owned arms company MKEK has been working on it since 2004. However what is new is the configuration that we saw at Indo Defense 2018. Essentially updating the design, the Bora-12 is going to start to see wider use in the Turkish Land Forces. More than a hundred rifles have been ordered for service with Turkish soldiers.

Similar to the KNT-76 Designated Marksman Rifle, the Bora-12 had a 3E EOS Keskin 3-12×50 scope mounted to the optic rail. It has room for a backup iron rear sight, in addition to a very peculiar Picatinny rail machined directly into the compensator that is intended for a backup iron front sight. Also similar to the KNT-76, right now MKE is the sole producer of the JMK Bora-12 instead of Kales and Sarsilmaz being awarded contracts for production. This is no surprise due to the relative size of the Bora-12 production run compared to the MPT-76 rifles.

From the MKE catalog.

The stock is a rigid design with the ability to adjust for length of pull, cheek rest, and is equipped with a monopod-Miles V, Indo Defense 2018


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