[Indo Defense 2018] Indonesia Jumps into the Corner Shot Arena

On top of a large number of Corner Shot clones already on the market, the Indonesian Army’s research and development division Kodiklatad Polytechnic was displaying their own prototype clone at their booth during Indo Defense 2018. According to an Indonesian source, the Army’s special operations teams liked the foreign made versions enough that there was an operational requirement for a domestically produced Corner Shot, especially for one that could fit the G2 Combat and G2 Elite handguns from state-owned arms company Pindad Defense (in addition to a variant for Glock models). Some of the specifications for the Kodiklatad Polytechnic Corner Shot have been previously listed in an Indonesian article

The size of the LCD screen is 2.5 inches with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels. As a power source, it is believed to be a 5V DC battery with a power of 3200 mAh.With the battery available, this corner shot can be used non-stop for five hours. To support the war at night, this corner shot technology has been equipped with six LED lights (tactical light) that can reach a distance of eight meters….

Meanwhile, if paired with a Glock G-17 pistol, the weight will be 3.85


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