[Indo Defense 2018] Hands on with Rheinmetall Canada’s Field Ranger RCWS System

The Canadian-based division of Rheinmetall was present at the show with the latest variant of their Field Ranger RCWS system that is designed to accommodate 7.62x51mm FN MAG/.50 BMG M2/ and 40x53mm Mark 19 grenade launchers and machine guns. On display was the “Multi” system, but there are also “Light” versions (7.62x51mm only), “Dual” (designed to take both a GPMG and a Heavy MG), and the “20” designed for a 20mm cannon. Not on display was the “Rapid Obscuring System” (ROSY) which consists of a smoke grenade discharging system mounted below the weapon system. The system has been purchased and has been in active service for around two years with Rheinmetall clients around the world.

In the video below, a representative from Rheinmetall shows how to use the joystick and control system for the Field Ranger while on the show floor. The company has made the system intuitive enough so that a user simply has to lase a target with the built-in rangefinder, and then the system will automatically compensate for the trajectory and point of aim. This way a user doesn’t have to be as concerned with adjusting for range and instead simply adjusts for shot impacts around a target.


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog