India Set to Buy 95,000 5.56 Carbines from Caracal

India is reportedly poised to purchase a large number of 5.56x45mm carbines from the United Arab Emirates small arms manufacturer Caracal. A deal to buy almost 95,000 Caracal CAR816 rifles is said to have been agreed.

India Today reports that the negotiation of the carbine contract is ongoing but India’s Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is expected to confirm the procurement soon. India is eager to purchase a close quarters battle (CQB) weapon as part of their urgent operational requirements identified several years ago.

It appears that they are finally moving to purchase both a CQB weapon and a 7.62x51mm rifle. As we’ve previously reported in the same round of buying India will also be procuring 72,400 SIG716 G2 7.62x51mm rifles. SIG Sauer reportedly beat both Caracal, who submitted the CAR817, and IWI, who submitted the ACE, on price with a per rifle cost of $990.

Back in April 2018, TFB reported that Australian manufacturer Thales had entered into a partnership with MKU – an Indian equipment manufacturer. MKU/Thales hoped to sell F90 under the Indian government’s ‘Made in India’ initiative. It appears that the Caracal entry has beaten Thales’ F90 to win the contract.

While the 7.62x51mm rifle and the CQB contracts


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog