India buys 6,000 Italian & American Sniper Rifles

In 2017 Beretta acquired the Victrix Armaments brand from the Italian firm Rottigni.

Together with the better known American company Barret, the two companies will be sharing an order of about 6 000 sniper riflesalong with Telescopic Sights and accessories” from India, starting with an “emergency delivery” of 24 sniper rifles to be delivered “very soon“.

India is a large country, and its borders are long. But 6 000 snipers rifles are a lot of sniper rifles, to say the least. That has to be a large chunk of the World market, even if the delivery is spread out over a few years.

The next (huge) issue is going to be training. Of course, almost anyone can be trained to shoot a bolt-action. But to train to conceal yourself, work in teams, spot the target and make an accurate shot which actually hits is not done in a few days.

To properly master calibers like the .338 Lapua Magnum and the .50 BMG out to extreme distances takes a lot of knowledge and experience.

Minerva Tactical Scorpio TGT

The Indians have specified rifles that are “Convenient to carry and operate by average built Indian soldier.” I am not


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog