Impressive 3D-Printed HK G11 Prop Build

Everyone loves Kraut Space Magic, the Heckler & Koch G11 in particular so may recently have seen some photos on social media of a pretty impressive Heckler & Koch G11K2 prop build. HK were so impressed they even shared it on their Instagram page:

The 3D printed prop is so detailed that at a glance you might even be fooled into thinking HK let a G11 out of the Gray Room. We reached out to Nitrixflare, the builder behind the prop, to talk to him about tackling the iconic German rifle.

When and how did you start making prop guns?  Have you always used 3D printing?  I started making props roughly 5 years back. I always wanted to be a small arms designer and I felt that building props gave me a little bit more exposure to various designs as a hobby. Typically, I have used 3D printing mainly due to ease in achieving complex parts. In the past when I had access occasionally I would use a mill or a lathe as well for some metal pins or whatnot for structural reasons. Nowadays it is typically the 3D printer, a cordless drill and a lot of handwork.



Originally posted on The Firearm Blog