IFG Introduces The Defiant Stock I Pistol

The Italian Firearms Group (IFG) is an Amarillo (TX) based importer established in 2010 and specialized, you guessed it, in Italian made firearms. Their main brands are F.A.I.R., Pedersoli, Sabatti, and Ft. Italia. The latter manufacturer, unlike the others, can sound like a new name to those already familiar with Italian firearms. It turns out that Ft means Fratelli Tanfoglio, making IFG the second American importer of Tanfoglio products under a different name.

Defiant Stock I

The press release:

AMARILLO, TX – Imported exclusively by the Italian Firearms Group (IFG), the Defiant Stock I pistol, from FT. Italia, was designed specifically for the Practical Shooting Production Division as well as IDPA SSP and ESP Classes. The Defiant Stock I allows the new shooter to jump right into competitive shooting sports, while giving the veteran shooter the ability compete in divisions that, until now, were reserved for very few models.

But the impressive functionality of the Defiant Stock I doesn’t stop with competition. Accurate and reliable, this semi-automatic pistol is also a fine choice for home defense, law enforcement, open carry, and–in the 10MM model–hunting.

The basic design the Defiant Stock I is derived from the CZ 75 pistol,


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog