If You Own A Mobile Phone This Is What The Government, Google & Facebook Know About You

Do you ever get the feeling that someone is peering over your shoulder? It could be at the ATM or when you are on your cellphone. You might feel like someone is watching and most of the time you are right. Those its not the eyes around you that should worry you. If you own a mobile phone google, Facebook and government know almost everything about you!

You either know about all of this already or you are going to walk away feeling very uncomfortable and maybe a little trapped.

This article will not only be a look at what Facebook, Google and the Government know about you, but we will also provide some links that allow you to affect what they know about you. Yes. There are many things these entities are doing, with your permission, that you don’t know about.

These “services” have off switches and you can take advantage of those if you read on.

They Know Where You Are

Both Google and Facebook are very up front about giving you the ability to tell the world where you are. Their services are tied in with your GPS technology and you have agreed to that long before you


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper