If Barter Items for SHTF Are Not in Your Prepping Budget

Editor’s Note: A guest post from Rodney to The Prepper Journal on a subject of interest to us all. The focus being on skills that can be bartered in exchange for things one needs.

We have all seen a variety of apocalyptic movies where commerce is reduced to the old tried and true method of barter and in those scenes the exchange is always tense and fraught with danger. These images give the preppers mind something to ponder. If the paper and electronic currency we all use today becomes worthless when access to electronic money becomes limited or impossible or faith in government backed currency diminishes what are we to do? Should we stock precious metals and other items for barter? Well, Yes and No.

Well Yes – because I can pretty much guarantee that if a major SHTF event occurs that barter will become the norm once again. Even after smaller regional SHTF events we can expect barter to return on some level at least momentarily due to the lack of access to money (much of which is electronically accessed) or from the lack of goods as a result of people buying everything up beforehand leaving others without


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal