How We Became So Confused

I have always been a fan of Native American Culture and Art. I currently live in the Southwest, made Santa Fe, New Mexico a home away from home for the enchantment of Northern New Mexico, the rich heritage of Indian art and culture, and yes, the skiing at the Santa Fe Ski Basin , some of the best tree-skiing in North America in my opinion, and Taos Ski Valley. Angel’s Fire not so much.

I have been to the Wheelwright Museum of Native American Art and watched a Native American artist create a sand painting with just his hands with strokes so delicate and precise as to make a brain surgeon envious. I have been to Canyon De Chelly (pronounced “de shea”) in Northeastern Arizona, all over Oklahoma, on the Taos and the Nambe Puebla’s, and have always been fascinated with their religion, so interconnected to our  physical world. While Noah may have been the first “prepper” the Native Americans were the epitome of living off the land.

So what does this have to do with prepping and today being the real Columbus Day? I am not a scholar in Native American history, but I know that Columbus did


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal