How to Treat a Burn: From Soothing to Healing

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Treating burns will be a big part of a survival scenario.  This will have a lot to do with the fact that many people will be playing with fire that don’t have much experience with it. Fire will suddenly become everything. It will be the way you cook food, it will be the way you clean water and the way you keep warm. All that fire is going to assure you slip up and get burned at some point. If you know how to treat that burn it will be less of an issue.

Burns can get really nasty real fast. In a survival situation you will find that large open, pus filled wounds will easily get infected. This could wind up costing you much more than just proper burn healing. You need to be well versed or have good information on healing and treating burns.

How to Treat a Burn: From Soothing to Healing


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