How to Survive in the Swamp

Swamp survival could be the harshest situation possible if you don’t do things right. The terrain makes it difficult for you to move, and dangerous animals blend in with the surroundings and are not easily visible to the untrained eye.

Swamp Survival | Getting Out of the Marsh

Swamp survival is not an easy task, especially if you lack the necessary gear to get you through. You can be walking in open water with decades of decaying leaves, branches, and other organic materials. You might think you’re walking on solid ground, yet you’re on an island of unstable floating grass that’s constantly shifting. It’s the kind of habitat where all sorts of crawling animals can stealthily sneak up on each other for food, or worse, an unsuspecting human. For whatever unfortunate reason you’re stranded in a swamp, here’s what you can do to survive and make it out in one piece.

1. Study Your Surroundings

Take a good look around you and carefully estimate if you’ll have to spend the night outdoors. Preparations are best done before sunset while there’s still some daylight to aid you. Examine the tools available for you to determine what you can utilize as a fire-starting device.


Originally posted on Survival Life