How to Store Your Harvest

There is nothing as depressing as taking the time to grow enough food for the winter, only to find it spoiled just a short while afterwards.

From apples and pears to potatoes and squash, this guide will teach you exactly how to store and manage the dozens of crops from your harvest, to have a steady food supply throughout the winter.

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#1. Apples

It is usually quite easy to tell when apples are ready to be harvested, as their color deepens significantly, and they come away from the tree easily when picked. If you are still not sure, a quick taste test will help you to decide whether or not your apples are ready to be harvested.

While you are harvesting, make sure that you handle the apples extremely carefully. Any bumps or bruises will prevent them from storing well.

You should also make sure that you are labeling your harvest if you are growing more than one variety of apple, as different varieties have different requirements when it


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog