How To Store 100 Gallons Of Water Using A WaterBOB

The WaterBOB is an excellent tool for last-minute emergency preparedness, especially for those who live in an apartment. Designed to hold up to 100 gallons of fresh tap water, it gives you a way to quickly store water in an emergency – even if you don’t have the ability to stockpile large quantities of it on a regular basis.

Basically the WaterBOB is a large, well made plastic bag, with two threaded connections built into it. Made of heavy-duty BPA free plastic, it will keep water fresh and safe for up to 16 weeks. From everything I can see, it is well made, with thermally-sealed seams that are a good half inch across for strength.

Working with the WaterBOB reminded me a lot of filling and emptying a waterbed mattress, although the plastic isn’t as thick or as pliable. But I’m sure that, once filled and sealed, it would be strong enough to lay on (if you had some reason to want to sleep in your bathtub).

I was able to fill the bag in 18 minutes, with the faucet on high. However, I was unable to put 100 gallons of water in it. Rather, according to my calculations, I put


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper