How To Stockpile Lard, The Calorie Rich Survival Food Of The Great Depression

Suicides exploded during the great depression. The stats are pretty alarming. They state that in 1928 22 people per 100,000 were committing suicide. These suicide jumps have happened over time and are often due to economic downturn.

The fact that the stock market suffers, and the DOW is dropping is not what makes people depressed. Its money and its food. Layoffs and scarcity are the conditions that walk people to the edge of a tall building.

While those suicide stats might alarm you, consider what we are dealing with today. Between 2009 and 2015 suicide rates in the U.S jumped to 30 people per 100,000! Yes, higher than the great depression. This is a huge tell in regard to the condition of this nation.

Lack of Food

As I mentioned a lack of jobs and food was the defining factor in this spike in suicides during the great depression. Men could not provide for their families and they offed themselves out of guilt and fear. It’s a terrible predicament to find oneself in.

We are even less equipped to deal with something like this today than in the past. People are weaker today, that explains why 30 per 100,000 are killing


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper