How to Start a Food Stockpile on the Cheap

As a homesteader, one of your strong points is, by far, the food you produce and stockpile. Should something major happen, you’ll be one of the “lucky” ones who will have food on your family’s table.

But what if you’ll be unable to grow that food? Maybe a volcanic eruption will hinder your gardening endeavors. Maybe people will be so hungry that they’ll ravage all gardens they can find, including yours.

What you need is a back-up plan for your food-producing homestead, and that plan is called a stockpile. Now, before you object that it’s hard to store that much food, hear me out. You don’t need to much for now, you just need to get started and grow little by little.

Do this right and you might not have to spend a penny in the beginning, because some of the foods with a long shelf life are precisely the


Originally posted on American Preppers Network