How to Remove a Splinter

If you’re busy with outdoor and indoor activities or you spend most of your time in the woods, knowing how to remove a splinter can be very helpful for you. You’ll never know what will happen so being equipped with this knowledge will save you from trouble. Wood splinters, glass splinters, name it– these can be hard and painful to remove. Some people opt to use a tweezer, but it can be painful which will only make the situation worst. Here are 11 painless ways to get rid of a splinter you should try before grabbing a tweezer!

How to Remove a Splinter In 11 Natural and Painless Ways 1. Bacon Fat

Cut a pea-sized piece of white fat from a raw strip of bacon and place directly onto the splinter. Secure the bacon fat with a bandage and leave it overnight. The bacon fat should draw out the splinter from your skin.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

A hydrogen peroxide can help remove the splinter effortlessly. Just soak a clean cotton pad in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution then apply it on the affected area. The splinter should come out easily after a few minutes.

3. Onion

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Originally posted on Survival Life